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Our Staff

Our experienced teaching team is led by our Principal, Mr Kidwell and our Head of School, Mrs Diamond.

Since joining us in 2012, Mr Kidwell has established an experienced team of teachers and support staff delivering consistently good performance. Our classroom based teaching is supported by a broad range of residentials, trips, visits and in school experiences.



Mr Kidwell
Mrs Diamond
Head of School
Mrs Ravenscroft
Assistant Head & Year 6

Early Years Team

Mrs Hague
Mrs Heywood
Mr Rose

Key Stage One 

Miss Frith
Year 1
  Mrs Currie/Miss Ingman
Year 1

Mrs Martin-Rhind/Mrs Bentley
Year 2

Mrs Rostron/Miss Dwyer
Year 2

Key Stage Two

Mrs Barwise 
Year 3
Mrs Hickson
Year 3

Mrs de Wolff
Year 4

Mr Bedford
Year 4


Mrs Smith
Year 5


Mrs Benson
Year 5


Mrs Atherton
Year 6




Support and PPA

Mrs Meyer Mrs Lawrence  Mrs Reid  

Reading Recovery & SEN

Mrs Ghagan      

Teaching Assistants

 Mrs Barker Mrs Boardman Mrs Buckley Mrs Bradley


Mrs Thomas

Mrs Clarke Mrs Dutoy Miss Fewtrell


Miss Palmer


Mrs Peters






Office Staff

Mrs M Wood
Business Manager 

Office Team:   Miss Preston Mrs Smith Mrs J Wood

Site Staff 

Mr Hickson, Site Manager Mr Buckley, Caretaker    

Midday Team

Play Leaders
Mrs Barker Mrs Thomas    
Midday Assistants      
Mrs Shinner  Mrs Briscall Ms Kenny Mrs Moran
Mrs Gocmen Mrs Tobin Miss Smith Miss Miller 

Cleaning Team

Mrs Soos Mrs Moran Ms Kenny Mrs Soos

Catering Team

Mrs Southern Mrs Davies Mrs Keeling

Miss Blain