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'Learning Together for Life'

We aim to develop pupils’ abilities and enjoyment of art and to embody the key principles of all good art education.

At Hartford Manor we aim to encourage pupils to:

 1. Develop original creative ideas

 2. Realise these ideas in some tangible form, developing skills as they do so

 3. Understand, recognise and appreciate the qualities of creative works, improving their own work in the process  

4. Know about the world of the visual arts placing their work in this wider context.

Throughout the school, art is taught using a topic based approach, drawing on knowledge and inspiration from art from other cultures, artists from periods in history and based on the childrens appreciation for their environment. 

Both KS1 and KS2 are encouraged to explore, study and create artworks using a range of materials Although most art lessons are led by the class teacher there have been opportunities for pupils to take part in wider art challenges( such as the Big Draw), local community based activities and working with an artist during projects. 

Throughout the school there is strong evidence to suggest that pupils are given opportunities to explore and develop their creativity

.Image result for viking art in schools  Image result for roman shields by kids