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We are a committee of 13 friendly volunteer parents and carers who work together to raise funds for the school.

The committee meets informally on a monthly basis to discuss events planned for the children.

We're here to help

If you would like to find out about joining our committee, would like to help out at future events, or simply want to know more about us, please contact any of the committee members listed below by sending an email to or pop over for a chat if you see us in the playground at school drop-off or pick-up times.


FOHM Committee Members (to be updated)


Michelle Bebbington

Mum to Harry Bebbington, Year 3         







Rachael Forster

Mum to Hayden Forster, Year 4             



Petra Hadingham

Mum to Lilly, Year 5, Noah, Year 3 and Zachary, Reception







Marketing / Communications Officer

Jacquie Hudson

Mum to Ethan Hudson, Year 3






Ordinary Committee Members

Helen Ghagan

Mum to Eve Ghagan, Year 4 and Louis Ghagan, Year 1

Lucy Holroyd

Mum to Grace Holroyd, Year 3 and Eleanor Holroyd, Reception

Kelly Reeves

Mum to Fraser Reeves, Year 5

Sarah Smith

Mum to Anna Smith, Year 6; Leah Smith, Year 4 and Noah Smith, Year 2

Anna Mansoor

Zachary Mansoor, Year 5 and Kiki, Year 2

Natalie Warren

Mum to Alex Warren, Year 5 and Nate Warren, Year 3



Bec Coventry

Mum to Dylan Coventry, Year 3 and Bella Coventry, Nursery



Katie Dean

Mum to Alex, Year 3 and Grace, Year 1

Nicola Grace

Mum to Freya, Year 5 and Lois, Year 3















































As a Hartford Manor parent/carer, you are already a member of FOHM which means you don’t have to be a committee member to attend the meetings or help out at events.

So whether it’s helping out at events, or making our events a success by coming along with your friends and family, you are all very much part of FOHM and the committee welcome support from the whole school community.