Core values and vision

Our Core Values and Vision

At Hartford Manor we will: a learning community based on honesty, openness, trust and equality.

 ....realise the potential of each child fostering independent, confident life long learning. the school at the heart of its community. together as a team where everyone is respected and valued.

....promote high expectations and seek progress for all.

....provide a safe, nurturing environment where children enjoy learning.

....welcome, value and involve parents in their child’s education.

Our Vision for our children:


  • To know right from wrong
  • To know their own strengths and weakness and how they make a unique and positive contribution
  • To know how important their education is and what it can lead to


  • Be literate and numerate
  • To communicate well  and interact positively with the world
  • Can adapt to change and learn from success and failure


  • To be confident and resilient in themselves
  • To be compassionate and respectful towards others
  • To be realistic and wise in their decisions.


Contact the School

Hartford Manor Primary School & Nursery

Stones Manor Lane,
Hartford, Cheshire

SENCO - Mrs J Diamond

Tel: 01606 288140