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The residentials for 2018/19 are:

  • Year 6 London Summer Term- 3 days- approx cost £200
  • Year 5 Lakeside Spring Term- 3 days approx cost £146
  • Year 4 Petty Pool  Summer Term - 2 days- approx cost £90
  • Year 3 Forest Camp Summer term - 2 days- approx cost £100
  • Year 2 Tattenhall SpringTerm - 2 days - approx cost £65

See Diary Dates for more details. 

Paying money to the school online is simple and easy.

You can now make payments online using ParentPay.
By using ParentPay you will help us reduce workloads for all staff and create more time to focus on your child’s education alongside the smooth running of the school. Please note that we no longer accept cash/cheque payments; families who need to continue making payments by cash may do so using the PayPoint network at local convenience stores. If you need a payment card please contact the school office after you have activated your account.

Please help us to realise the benefits of this significant change by logging into your account and start using it to make payments as soon as you get your activation letter. School office staff are always available to help activate accounts and offer any advice or support. To activate your account and for more information and support please go to the ParentPay website.

If you do not have your log on details, have forgottten your password or have any other problems saccessing ParentPay please contact the school office