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FOHM Summer Fair


  • Lucky Programme/Treasure hunt (included in entrance fee) - 2 prizes (Programme draw £15 Tesco voucher)
  • Hartford Manor Bags for Life on sale at the reduced price of £1 each
  • Chocolate Tombola - 5 goes for £1
  • Drinks Tombola - 5 goes for £1
  • Chinese Raffle - see prizes
  • Walk the Plank 20p per go
  • DJ
  • Coconut Shy - 50p for 3 goes
  • Lego Rings - 50p per go
  • Lego Bean Bags - 50p per go
  • Lucky Envelopes - 50p per go
  • Glitter Tattoos & Face Art - £1.50
  • Face Painting - £1.50
  • Literacy Lollipops - 50p per go
  • Balloons, Lego Slime, Lego Wrist Bands - Various prices
  • Father's Day Crafts and Gifts - Various prices
  • BBQ, Beer Tent, Strawberries & Fizz - Various prices
  • Lego Keyrings - 50p
  • Name the Teddy - 50p per go
  • Cake Sale - Various prices
  • Jam Jars Tombola - 5 goes for £1
  • Lucky Lego Cups (Rainbows)
  • Hook a Duck (Brownies)
  • Guess the number of Lego pieces in the jar - 50p per go
  • Human Fruit Machine - 50p per go
  • Nail Painting - 50p
  • Teachers Cafe
  • Bouncy Castle & Rides
  • Police 
  • Ice Cream Van
  • Penalty Shoot Out
  • Performances by school dancers and choir

Coloured hampers for each year group and stalls



Hamper Colour







Year 1

Fizz and Strawberries


Year ½

Fizz and Strawberries


Year 2

Fizz and Strawberries


Year 3

Jam Jars


Year 4

Jam Jars


Year 5

Jam Jars


Year 6

Smalls Stalls:

*Guess the number of Lego pieces in the jar

*Nail Painting

*Guess the Teddy’s name

*Human Fruit Machine – NEW



What do I need to bring in for the hampers? What are the jam jars?

We invite all parents to donate items in the colour allocated for their child’s year hamper e.g. If you are in Nursery, you have been allocated orange, therefore a bottle of orange Fanta, an orange Frisbee or Club orange biscuits or for Year 3 purple, Cadbury’s chocolate always goes down a treat. As long as the item you donate matches the colour scheme your child’s class has been allocated, you are on to a winner!

With regards to the jam jars, when you’ve finished with a glass jar, wash it out and fill it with goodies such as sweets, crafts, small toys, beauty products. We’ll be posting lots of ideas on our Facebook page to help you.

When do I need to bring in the donations for the coloured hampers and stalls?

Please bring in all hamper donations, jam jars and fizz by 3.20pm on Thursday, 14th June. Children can bring these into school and give to their teachers, or please leave in the school office.

Please bring in all cakes and strawberries on Friday, 15th June or Saturday morning. Again, children can bring these into school and give to their teachers or please leave in the school office. We will also be setting up some of the stalls after school on the Friday, so feel free to bring them through to us in the school hall.

If you are new to the school and need more information about the above request, please chat to a member of the FOHM committee, a teacher or email us at

Non-Uniform Day – Friday 25 May

On the last day of term, the children will be invited to wear non-uniform. However, instead of requesting the donation of £1, we would be pleased if you would donate chocolate and bottle drink items (alcoholic and non-alcoholic acceptable) for the Summer Fair tombola stalls.


For those of you who are new to the school and as a quick reminder to those of you who have done this before, on the morning of the 25th, we will have a drop-off point on entrance to the school playground from 8am – 9am, where the children can handover your chocolate and bottle donations.

We prefer that these items are not taken into the school to make it easier for the teaching staff to start the morning lessons and more importantly, the children are not taking alcohol on school premises. However, any items that do make their way into school, the teachers will hand them over to us later that day.

A polite request: could you please check the use by date and ensure that it’s no earlier than July 2018. Bottles of wine, prosecco, spirits and beers are also an attraction for the tombola stall, but soft drinks are also very much appreciated.