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New for this year, we are looking to appoint Class Representatives for all classes across all years.

As a Class Representative, your role will be to:

  • Pass on information from FOHM to other parents in their child's class, and encourage parents to support the FOHM activities.
  • Coordinate volunteers to help with fundraising activities.
  • Seek feedback from parents on FOHM events or funding requests and pass it on to the committee.
  • Help to recruit a new class rep towards the end of the summer term to take over in the new academic year.

You’re not expected to attend to be an elected Committee Member or to attend Committee Meetings (although it would be advantageous if you could attend!).

This role would be ideal for parents/carers who are perhaps new to the school and would like to get to know other parents/carers in their child’s class, or someone who is regularly on drop-offs and/or pick-ups.

How to apply

If you would like to volunteer to be a Class Representative, please email Michelle Bebbington on with your name, phone number, email address, child’s name, year group and class teachers name by Friday, 29th September and we’ll be in touch.

Class Representatives will be confirmed in the coming weeks.