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Every child a reader

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Why Hartford Manor promotes positive reading for every child.

Research by Reading for Change, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2002 (OECD) has shown how developing a love of reading is important for children’s life chances. They state “Finding ways to engage pupils in reading may be one of the most effective ways to leverage social change.”  Analysis showed that students whose parents had the lowest occupational status but who were highly engaged in reading obtained higher average reading scores than students whose parents had high or medium occupational status but who were poorly engaged in reading.

Reading is the key skill required to access all areas of the curriculum.  Once a child can read confidently and fluently, they are able to fully engage in lessons and they will hopefully develop a love of reading for life.  

 How does Hartford Manor support reading?

Hartford Manor is an accredited ECAR school.

Every Child a Reader aims to ensure that where possible every child reaches the reading standards expected of them by the age of seven. It supports teachers to provide high quality teaching of early reading skills. For children who need additional support, ECAR promotes a range of early interventions including: Better Reading Partnership, the Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 Literacy programme and Reading Recovery

Mrs Diamond and Mrs Ghagan are trained Reading Recovery teachers. It is for children aged about 6 years who need an individual programme to help them learn to read and write. It involves one to one lessons every day for about 30minutes. At the end of the series of lessons, children should have caught up and be able to read at the expected level for their age. The programme promotes self-extending learning, enabling children to continue to make progress throughout their school life.


For further information, please speak to Mrs Diamond or visit the Reading Recovery website www.readingrecovery.org.uk